Recovery Of Your Defaulted Collateral Is Our Business

At Long Island Auto Recovery we are a professional and quality service oriented company that is proud to be able to offer a more personalized business experience than the average. We strive to maintain an extremely high level of excellence to better serve your needs, our valued customer. Call us today and see the difference.
We maintain our own liability insurance, we also have $6 Million in bond protection, top-notch equipment, storage facilities, and a professional and knowledgeable staff. Above and beyond all of that, you will find our fees are extremely competitive within the collateral recovery industry.

Yard for the storage of cars for sale

We provide a wide array of repossession services to assist with locating, recovering, storing, transporting, and liquidating your collateral. We handle everything from the moment you contact us to the moment the auto is delivered. Services are streamlined to keep the recovery process simple and affordable. Our devoted recovery team handles each assignment with professionalism towards our client and your customer. We are trained in the recovery process, knowledgeable in both State and Federal Laws, and CFPB compliant.

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Personal Property - Vehicle Redemption - Transports

If you need to retrieve any personal property that was left in your vehicle, have made arrangements with your bank
and need to redeem your vehicle or if you need to pick up a vehicle from our storage lot, you
MUST make an appointment first.

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***NOTICE - If you make an appointment with us and fail to show up or cancel with us, you may be assessed an  administrative fee.